Culture is the New OS

The pace of technological change far outpaces my ability to keep up. I feel pretty bad-ass when I update the plugins on my website (even though my website is out of date!) I know about "zaps" and Buffer and SEOs and most days my smart phone doesn't lord it over me...

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Slow Dialogue Movement

With all the accelerated whirlwinds that make us lurch from thing to thing,  I am advocating for the slow dialogue movement! The slow food movement has been around for a long time and there are also slow design and slow cities movements, so why not slow dialogue? I...

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Courageous Conversations

In my work helping people have courageous conversations across differences, I am often asked about how these conversations line up with keeping the peace at work or how one is supposed to just carry on after not just a misunderstanding but after very real differences...

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Words with Privilege

My beloved and I play Words with Friends - an online game that vaguely resembles Scrabble. Words with Friends is way looser and allows you to play words like “ut” or “thouing” - words that many dictionaries don’t recognize and certainly that you never use in casual...

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Interdependence Day

So begins the teller of tales: "Once upon a time there was a people on the edge of destruction: personally, globally and environmentally. These people lived out of relation to the Earth and each other." When the children hear this, they are wide eyed with wonder. "How...

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Words matter

I love language and I love how language is alive, dynamic and changing and I also love and hate the problems of trying to express emerging norms in outdated language. I especially hate trying to fill in check boxes or having to quickly describe someone's background!...

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The right tool for the job

I love a well-facilitated meeting. Helping people uncover their own wisdom or working with a group to help them meet their own goals – that is the sweetest! During my executive director years I experienced a lot of facilitation. The wide range of amazing...

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Bringing the sparkle

Office culture can make or break a person. It can take a committed employee and turn them into a bitter shriveled person or it can uplift a person and spur on their desire to contribute and participate. And while it is up to each of us to figure out our own response...

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Moving beyond the soundbite

Privilege. Diversity. Micro-aggressions. Intersectionality.  White supremacy. Cultural appropriation. Identity politics. Alt right. Neo con and on and on and on. It's enough to make your head swim. People (self included) throw around these left and right words left...

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