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Working on culture to increase diversity, promote inclusion and address issues of equity.

Culture Is Serious Business

Culture on purpose requires four non-negotiables: aligned vision, a common set of values, authentic inclusion and a clear path for communication  and growth.
We can help you get  there

Workshop Facilitation

Our expert facilitation creates the right environment for courageous conversations that can transform your culture for optimal growth and performance.



Leaders set the tone for your culture. We learn your unique challenges and train your leaders how to foster and maintain a thriving culture year after year.



Our teambuilding exercises are specifically designed to foster trust, collaboration and communication skills. Your team can quickly learn powerful new ways to grow together.



Our Unique Approach

We bring engaging, experiential workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion, communication and leadership to transform the way people work together. We guide your discovery of the goals and tools that bring out the best in every individual.

The result is the sustainable culture of growth you need – built by you, uniquely for you.


Let’s talk about it

Better conversations build a better culture. A better culture simply works better.
Less stress. Less attrition. More productivity. More engagement. Many ways to get started.

Increase Inclusion

Define Purpose

Strengthen Resiliency

Explore Change

I hired McKenzie to help plan and facilitate an important retreat for my Center, as we were pivoting from a number programs now completed to an open future of possibilities. McKenzie’s gentle yet directed guidance made all present feel valued and included, deftly deflected distractions, and creatively shepherded us forward. She is a gifted facilitator.

Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.D.
Center for Ethics, Emory University

The most powerful thing in the world is a
group of people who share a vision for the future.

Let us help your group unlock the future today.


Business Blog & News

Take a deeper dive into the cultural issues affecting organizations like your right now. Leading edge research, developments and success case studies that help you improve your culture consistently.

Wishing, Dreaming, Working

Wishing, Dreaming, Working

I figured I would take a minute to share some vision and what I've been up to “We are socialized to see what is wrong, missing, off, to tear down the ideas of others and uplift our own. To a certain degree, our entire future may depend on learning to listen, listen...

What is the Work that is Yours to Do?

What is the Work that is Yours to Do?

Not gonna lie - it's hard to know where to begin. From the ongoing protests demanding justice for Ahmaud, Breonna, Rayshard and all the other Black lives lost to police brutality; to demands for policing reforms; to the dismantling of visual symbols of White supremacy...

For White people who want to work for racial justice

For White people who want to work for racial justice

My work in the world as facilitator and consultant revolves around advancing equity and dismantling racism, specifically in organizational culture. In this time of heightened racial tension, it is incredibly important to do the external work of being an active ally by...