Culture is all about communication.

Today’s complex world needs people who show up, care and are engaged. Your organization’s community has the wisdom it needs to build a culture that is strong, collaborative and thriving. Cultures that evoke those behaviors are the ones that thrive. We facilitate that process.

Workshop Facilitation

Our workshops include strategic visioning, improving diversity, equity and inclusion, managing growth, strengthening team communication and collaboration and much more.

Our expert facilitation creates the right environment for courageous conversations to transform your culture for optimal growth and performance.

Wren Consulting leverages a variety of dialog and visioning processes that encourage your teams to listen to each other more effectively. Using the visionary change embodied in Theory U and tools such as the Art of Hosting and World Cafe, groups create courageous spaces to hear each other across differences and develop a shared path forward.

Through our highly participatory workshops, teams uncover their goals and identify the tools to reach them. We offer optional performance and visual arts techniques to deepen the team building experience. Teams experience immediate impact through applying creativity and collaboration in new ways.

Find out more about the tools that are right for your team, including:

  • Large Group Facilitation
  • Small Group Work
  • Participatory Methods
  • Arts-based Tools

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Consultation and Coaching

Leaders set the tone for work culture. We learn the unique challenges present within your organization and work with you to foster and maintain a thriving culture year after year. Our consultation helps you create specific strategies for your organization to address and design a program of positive change-making actions. Small to mid-size organizations, or those just beginning their journey, benefit greatly from our leadership coaching. All our services are designed to help you get the right support you need, when you need it. Use our consultation as a starting point, or combine our leadership consulting services with workshops and team building.

Ask us about a consultation or coaching program that is right for your organizational leadership.

Team Building

Our team building exercises are specifically designed to foster trust, collaboration and improve communication skills. Through our teambuilding approaches, your team immediately understands and applies key learnings into their daily roles. Your team quickly absorbs new ways to grow together.

We work with you to design team exercises for your goal and within your budget. Workshops can be a stand-alone program or part of a longer engagement. Our goal is for you to be able to effect the change you need in the most accessible way possible. Bring us your organizational challenges and we’ll help you design the right solution for your team, your culture and your budget.

McKenzie did an excellent job teaching and running the facilitator training session for the Muslim Jewish Dialogue. She was instrumental in formulating the program and developing the questions for the facilitated table discussions.

Due to her leadership and training, the event was very welcoming and inclusive. Her introduction of the program created a safe space for civil conversations about the Israeli Palestinian Conflict among Muslims and Jews.

Sandra Cutler

Co-Chair, Muslim Jewish Dialog

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