About Culture on Purpose

Culture is the core of organizational success.

The data show that engagement matters. Teams that function well and communicate effectively demonstrate higher productivity, less turnover and more creativity. Employers that draw upon team diversity do even better. 

We help you manage organizational change, because no leader should have to do this alone. The change process creates unique opportunities for an organization to strengthen its culture. Our customized workshops help you navigate the people side of mergers: transitioning leadership, communication, collaboration, including the full spectrum of your organizational diversity .

We build strong cultures on purpose.

Culture on purpose requires four non-negotiables:

  • Aligned vision
  • A common set of values
  • Authentic inclusion
  • A clear path.

We know how to help you uncover these four things, realign with them, and even redesign them to be an unshakeable foundation for your team – now, and in the future

We are culture experts.

Culture isn’t just a term we throw around. Constructive culture involves every individual at every level of an organization. If you experience high turnover, low engagement, and poor productivity, then the place to begin is addressing any cultural disconnect. Our approach catalyzes the power of your company’s internal community to create a culture that fuels growth, sustainability, creativity, employee retention and a strong bottom line. Our workshops, consultations and team building create meaningful impact for a wide array of client structures.

We bring the right people with the right set of skills to serve your team.

Meet Our Founder

Chief Engagement Officer, McKenzie Wren is skilled in a variety of modalities including Coach Diversity training, Asset-based Community Development, Human Centered Design and the Collaborative Operating System, and the deep wisdom of the Presencing Institute and the Art of Hosting. She has developed a unique approach to culture building integrating her background in the visual and performing arts.

McKenzie earned her master’s degree from Emory University Rollins School of Public Health where she also taught students on leadership and community engagement. Her public health training brought her to “the most diverse square mile in the US,” Clarkston, GA, where she spent more than 10 years working with people from all over the world, building community, fostering inclusion and helping individuals to unlock their futures.

Let McKenzie and her team show you their unique approach to build your best culture.



McKenzie introduced our community to the World Cafe process at a moment when we felt overwhelmed by our range of perspectives on a complex decision that we had to make. We knew we needed to hear from our diverse membership, but couldn’t figure out how to create space to honor so many different voices — and allow for real conversation rather than inviting isolated comments– without devolving into chaos.

McKenzie’s warmth and confidence enabled us to trust the process and lean into the conversation, and we emerged from a vulnerable place with a better sense of where we are and what we need.

Amy Robertson

Executive Director, Congregation Bet Haverim

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